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Single LED Obstruction Light

Ronfell LED obstruction light

Aviation obstruction lights light led are lighting devices approved According to the requirements established by ICAO and FAA. The same regulations establish That Any Facility That May be a danger for air traffic like buildings, pylons, towers, lighting towers, structures for broadcasting radio and television, chimneys, wind generators; Should be provided with signal system to avoid the risk of collision. The low intensity lamps are used for night signaling end emit a light beam with angle of irradiation of 360° typically in aeronautical Red color. The light is fixed but if Necessary It can be intermittent with a flash rate of 60 per Minute or A Different Frequency on request. The LED Technology that has several advantages as energy saving, low environmental impact and allows to avoid the typical overheating problems and has a long life because LEDs don’t burn at all but tend to lose intensity in time. The circuit board made up of 6 LEDs with 3 separated circuits avoids the risk, in case of failure, to be without signaling. Another advantage of  markers is the patented modular system that provides the adoption of 2 overlapping optics, separated and independent one from the other. The failure of the main light does not affect the right functioning of the secondary light.

Available VDC/CD



Product characteristics

  • Led suppli circuits3 circuits
  • N. of leds6 Led Smd
  • Light sourceLed Smd
  • Light beamStabilized
  • Operation hours100.000 h
  • Light colorAeronautical Red
  • Led lifespan> 5 years
  • Flash frequency60 fpm (optional)
  • Photosensor50 Lux (optional)
  • Weight0,8 KG (+/- 10%)
  • Height70 mm (+/- 10%)
  • Width100 mm (+/- 10%)
  • Depth100 mm (+/- 10%)
  • Lens materialResistant polycarbonate
  • Lamp materialSelf-extinguishing
  • Body-base materialAluminum White and Red coloured
  • Heat dispersionnatural integrated
  • Wind speed120 km/h – 33 m/s
  • Guaranteenon-opening body (blocked)
  • Degree of protectionIP 65
  • Max altitude2000 SLM


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